Small train based attraction with live actors based on Robert Louis Stevenson‘s novel ‘Treasure Island’.


Then: Treasure Island Peninsular.            

Now: The area is currently unused but has been built up by infilling the lake to create a new island to be used for future new attractions.

Official Thorpe Park Description:

from the 1986 park map “Take a trip on the Treasure Island railway – re-live this famous adventure story.”

The Attraction:

The entrance to Treasure Island was accessible via a short walk from Thunder River (Rumba Rapids) towards Thorpe Farm. The attraction was almost half way between the two. This was back when you could walk all the way to and from the farm as well as catching a train or waterbus.

When you entered the attraction you would board a miniature train and set off on a Pirate adventure. Early into your ride one of the actors would warn you about the cursed, dreaded ‘Black Spot’ and you would be told to reply to mentions of this by shouting “Oh no, not the Black Spot!” in a typical Panto style. Then you would carry on, on your journey. You would at some point meet a character who would hand a child on board a white piece of card with the Black Spot on it.

“Oh no, not the Black Spot” - The Black Spot was first introduced into Pirate Lore in Robert Louis Stevenson‘s novel ‘Treasure Island’ where the pirate who received it would know that he was either going to be deposed or killed, most likely because he was either a traitor or an informer. Luckily at Thorpe Park the Black Spot meant that there was a much nicer fate awaiting it’s new owner, once they had left the attraction they would be able visit a couple of kiosks in the park to exchange part of the token for either a free Wall’s Cornetto or a can of Coca Cola.

From what I remember the finale involved the train going through the middle of a replica Pirate ship where the Pirates threw buckets of water at the sometimes unsuspecting riders on the train.

Memories of Treasure Island Railway:

Alec Dunn about the Black Spot: “This is from about 1988 or 1989 given to me by either Blind Pew or Long John Silver and there was a bit to the right of the card that the snack kiosk attendant kept (so I doubt there are any unused ones around :-().  My granddad worked out that you basically had to be in something like the third carriage of the Treasure Island Ride to be in the right spot for the "Pirates" to ambush the train and it always went to the back two rows....

Personally, I REMEMBER enjoying that Cornetto!”



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Treasure Island Railway (1983 - 1993)

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A 1980’s Treasure Island Railway mug, featuring the classic Thorpe Park logo and Mr Rabbit dressed as a pirate.

A Pirate scene from Treasure Island Railway, taken from the 1992 park map, supplied by Alec Dunn.

The final Pirate Ship scene from Treasure Island Railway, taken from the 1991 park map, supplied by Alec Dunn.

Treasure Island Railway as seen from the train to Thorpe Farm in the very early 90’s.

Supplied by Ben Wegner, Basingstoke.

One of the dreaded Black Spots that were handed out to one child on each train. Very kindly supplied by Alec Dunn.

Uploaded to YouTube by TubeDragon1.

Description: A video for the 1985 UK Eurovision Song Contest entry filmed at Thorpe Park.

Shots of the Treasure Island trains and Pirate Ship @ 1m19s.


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